1940’s Quickie Turban

I was recently asked how I did my turban, so rather than just some pics have done a small video, comments always welcome but hopefully you’ll be able to see how I do mine, and it gives you some ideas on how to do yours obviously if you have smaller headscarfs it would be different again if you have really large ones, this I would say is quite a large headscarf that I recently picked up at a carrot for 50p…bargin.  Enjoy x x x x

Apologise for the squeaky voice had no idea I sound like this hehehehehehe. x x

Turban – link for video x x






Yesterday hair today.

I thought I’d share a little video of how I take my heated pin curl set from one day into a brand new day.  So this style has been created with no additional heat, just good old fashioned styling.  I hope you enjoy,  I’ve listed all the products I use below.


Products and Items Used

 Hair spray ( Mark Hill Freeze Hold) but you can use your own choice.  Hair Polish (again Mark Hill), Denman Hair Brush, pin tail comb, vogetti back combing brush, elastic bobble, a large hair clip clamp, bobby pins and a vintage headscarf.