What I’ve been up to of late

So life sometimes just gets in the way of time o take five minutes to be able to post …. well posts ūüėČ ¬†– ¬†so what have I been up to since December, well Christmas has come and gone and that was both lovely and sad all at the same time. ¬†It was wonderful to see family but not having a member their with us for the first time was also sad and thinking of friends who are no longer here also and their families, but as life demands I made it through determined that 2017 was going to be a much better, brighter and positive one.

So having finished my front room, (look out for that blog post to come) ¬†I’m now moving ….finally may I add to my Kitchen, so we’ve had a new door and window put in, which has made huge difference. ¬†We had a patio double door and where the window now is was a brick wall so the kitchen was very gloomy but now light floods in!


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So I’ve been Absent!

So I’ve been absent for quite some time! ¬†Life can be a challenge at times and this year has proved to be one of those, with quite a few bouts of bad, disappointing and challenging news it’s been difficult I have to say to keep my positivity alive, and sadly my love of life had been silenced!

Most recently I lost my aunt an amazing lady! ¬†She fought for so long against all the odds but finally it became too much and it was time to go she left this world for the next, then within a few days I lost a friend and then another! ¬†So it’s been hard…….

I have a problem with my back and hips, and it’s been really bad in the last two years, so much so I’ve been forced into early (although I hope short lived) retirement from dance, a dance which has fuelled my life for so long.

There has been another challenge but I’m certainly not strong enough at the moment to go into that detail, but lets say, it’s sad and has left a mark!

BUT in the spirit of my aunt who had so much fight and the knowledge that life must go on and knowing somewhere inside that these challenges have been given to me because I am STRONG enough to bare them!

So with that being said and mustering fighting spirit I’m trying to restore the old me!

Now over the last year or so I decided to go back to my natural blonde hair colour, however I went from dark to light in a matter of weeks and to say the least it damaged my hair sooooo much I hated it, so then have been trying to get my hair back to health and happiness and have been through different shades of varying colours, now we’re trying to walk our way back to happiness….the last time I was truly happy with my hair I was dark, so it’s back! ¬†And I LOVE it!

I will leave you today with a few pics of my hair journey back to happiness notice the last few months were spent mainly in vintage headscarf turbans as I couldn’t stand the thought of going to the hairdressers just because it involved decisions! ¬†I promise that my post from this day on I will be mustering my old spirit, positivity and love of life!


What a way to start the week!

This happens to be my favourite magazine, every month I take ¬†stroll to my local news agents to collect my copy – although this month is proving a slight challenge as they still haven’t had their delivery. ¬†But that aside this is a wonderful magazine full of interesting articles and events, tips …. I love the tips and have picked up quite a few on how to tell real Bakelite, to caring for vintage clothes.

So what you ask ….. well let me tell you this month I entered a competition to win a years subscription …. and guess what ….. yep you got it …… I’m the winner of¬†that year’s subscription! ¬†So you see what a great way to start the week.

Now if you haven’t seen this magazine this is this months cover. I’ve included the link for the Vintage Life website and Facebook page. ¬†Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Vintage Life Face Book Page

Vintage Life Web Site