My 1960’s – 1970’s Front Room

I’m a 70’s child, my mum was a very trendy mum as my baby pics prove, so I’ve always had this fascination with the era, and as a fan of programs like some mothers do have em and only fools and horses, I think it was fate that I stumbled across a Del Boy Bar and we’ve been here before yes the adventure started!

Thats me and my mum dancing-left.  Bottom right features two wonderful ladies too long gone my nan and my great gran.

Now I love my bar ….. but I don’t drink! not one drop it’s not because I don’t want to, I just don’t like the taste, the only thing I’ve managed in the last few years is discovering a snowball cocktail a rather vintage drink last christmas thanks to my hubby, but I’m just not the person who can sit and drink one after the other….. but I still love my bar and stocking it with all manner of vintage glasses, ice buckets etc etc.

img_9439 img_9417 img_2159

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My 1940’s Bedroom


So my bedroom was the next project to get completed.  It all started with one thing as with all my rooms, they’ve all started with just one special find that has driven the final result.  This room a walnut burr vintage dressing table, oh my god when I found it, Love at first sight I knew I had to have it!  And the next roller coaster home expedition began!

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The Art Deco Bathroom!

I can think of nothing more exciting than looking at other peoples homes, especially vintage inspired homes, I just LOOOVVVVEEEE them.  Being slightly crude it’s porn the home decor way teehee!

Now my own home is still being finished, but I’m going to share a room I’ve finished.  In my head I visualised this, just this  exactly how it turned out, and I’m so proud that I did all the work myself….well with a little help from hubby but only a little.  I did the plumbing the tiling the papering I moved the shower, toilet and the sink put in a new bath, laid a new wooden floor.  I hope you agree my hard work paid off, although it was not without a few challenges …. like having to have a bath in the kitchen for a few months, and hand sourcing everything myself meant months and months of waiting for the smallest of details were not finished for ages, from start to finish it probably took near on a year.

It was worth the sacrifice! 🙂

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