My 1960’s – 1970’s Front Room

I’m a 70’s child, my mum was a very trendy mum as my baby pics prove, so I’ve always had this fascination with the era, and as a fan of programs like some mothers do have em and only fools and horses, I think it was fate that I stumbled across a Del Boy Bar and we’ve been here before yes the adventure started!

Thats me and my mum dancing-left.  Bottom right features two wonderful ladies too long gone my nan and my great gran.

Now I love my bar ….. but I don’t drink! not one drop it’s not because I don’t want to, I just don’t like the taste, the only thing I’ve managed in the last few years is discovering a snowball cocktail a rather vintage drink last christmas thanks to my hubby, but I’m just not the person who can sit and drink one after the other….. but I still love my bar and stocking it with all manner of vintage glasses, ice buckets etc etc.

img_9439 img_9417 img_2159

Now whilst things are ever changing and getting moved, the feel is that 60’s/70’s vibe.  I think for me each room is an adventure and seeing where I want to incorporate items I’ve collected over the years, for example the drawer cabinet that the original 1970’s record player and 1970’s amp live on/in was given to me by my Aunt Annette and Uncle John, they were gifted it many many years ago, then when my husband and myself first moved in together we had nothing and they gifted it to us, it used to be a dresser with a mirror running along the top, the mirror now cracked and faded is in my garden adding the illusion of extra space, the unit has had new to me G Plan style legs put on and the middle drawers taken out and put into storage and hey presto this amazing piece of furniture has a new life, and creates just the right contrast to my 70’s wall paper.

I love loads of different styles of music but for me, Hendrix holds a special place in my heart, I walked down the isle to him, to meet the wonderful man I married so it’s only fitting I have this amazing print of him on my wall, he’s joined by the other god of guitar Keith Richards, he presides above the fireplace.

We have a great vinyl collection that is all over the place, I do love a bit of George Formby, Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Glenn Miller, Rolling Stones, The Who, Hendrix, The Doors, The Mamas and Papas, Tracey Chapman, Dolly Parton, and so on and so on, I think I just appreciate music!

My hubby has guitars and I have a ukulele and Banjo Uku, I’ve been learning for a while now, although I’m still very much a beginner but I love it and as our theme is 60/70 and music has kind of brought it together why not create art with string instruments, plus they’re always out when I need to practice.

The sofa I have to say is new! I know shock horror and shame on me, but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for then up this springs in DFS and yes it fits and I just fell in love, it has that retro vibe so I’m happy I made the right choice.

I created the danish style book shelving as basically I couldn’t afford or justify the price of the real deal and for me it works and it holds my books in place.  I do love books … real books …. tangible … I want to be able to take a book off the shelf and flick through pages.  There is something so magnetic to me about the touch and smell of books, it’s a process one which I enjoy.  I collect books on Marilyn Monroe, WW1 and WW2, Vintage Fashion, Kitchenalia, Corsets and Corsetry, vintage living and my favourite author is Dean Koontz.

(The pineapple bucket was a recent find a true vintage gem as some can look cheap and nasty and not at all real, and the shattaline Floor Lamp was a truly rare find, just needs a shade).

I also made the Macrame plant hanger as again I couldn’t find on long enough for what I wanted.  The vintage girl in me does love technology at times, as within a few swift clicks I found a video tutorial and off I went on making my own.  It was a lot easier than I thought and I’m impressed with the outcome.

A final must for me is a real fire!  I’m not a fan of central heating and rarely use mine even in the winter I have a stove and that keeps me warm and the house warm too.  Enough for our liking anyway I think some might find our house a little on the cold side but it suits us and at the end of the day thats all that matters.

So thats my front room, I hope you find it inspiring or useful or just something swell to take a peek at, coming soon will be the 1940’s kitchen.


To da Loo for Now x x x


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