What I’ve been wearing.

As I’m not quite up to everyday outfits it would appear in light of my kitchen being done and spending most of the time in overalls here’s a few pics of the days when I’ve looked … well like me 🙂 .

Today we had to take Stan the Man (my staffie) back down to Fitzpatricks for his final check up good news he’s been given the thumbs up by the lovely Russell who has taken such excellent care of him.

So casual traveling outfit something comfy:

Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens

Trousers – Collectif

Short sleeved stroppy jumper, Swing Jacket, Handbag all vintage

Hair flower – Unknown

Festival of Vintage Outfit

All the accessories are Vintage (shoes, Handbag, Gloves, Faux Fur Jacket, Brooch, Belt and Sunglasses)

Dress is an exact copy of my Beautiful Vintage 1950’s Horrockses Dress made with Vintage Horrockses Fabric.

Lucio’s MOT test Day Ekkkkkk a bit scary as it’s the first time I’ve driven him on the M1 ……. Lucio by the way is my 1969 vintage Fiat 500, so he’s small .. very small and well a bit slow to say the least but he tries.

Shoes – Swedish hasbeens

Socks – Random find in the Lakes

Breeches, Belt, Jumper, Faux Fur Jacket and Brooch all Vintage.

Random work day.

Shoes – Rocket Originals

Cigarette Pants – Collectif

Belt, Blouse and Cardigan all Vintage

Hair Flowers – Clares Accessories

Have a lovely Week folks To Da Loo x x x

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