That Horrockses Dress Remade New!

I have this most amazing vintage Horrockses dress (around early 1950’s).  It wonderful, it’s a shirt waister dress with gusset arms, 2 small breast pockets, square collar, and a full beautiful skirt.  The amazing thing about the skirt section is that it’s not the traditional circle skirt, no way…… this is just over 3 meters of fabric in one continuous piece that is effortlessly gathered by means of unique pleats, and amongst those pleats are two fabulous pockets at the side hips, not really big enough for anything other than a tissue really, but it’s a quirky design element which I love.  The fabric is beautiful cotton in a grey colour with unique black print with forest green strips.  It’s wonderful!!!


Now this beautiful, I adore this dress, it was bought on my first visit to Twinwood a few years ago.  Now I have worn this dress, mended it and loved it ….. but no matter how much I do love it, it is starting to feel a little fragile, so what does any sane person in her right mind do, she takes it to pieces ….painstakingly I might add, to replicate the pattern.  Once I had a achieved that I then set about putting it back together, as you can see above it’s beautiful.   So did I achieve it, well yes I did and the first one I produced was in Grey and Yellow fabric bought at a local fabric shop. It’s fabulous especially for my first attempt and especially as I had never even thought about how to do gusset arms before, a challenge that dffinately was.  This is my first attempt.


Now I love this first dress, but to me it was missing something, it was missing that feel that this was a Horrockses Dress!  I needed to rectify this situation, so I began the hunt for the perfect vintage Horrockses fabric to make into this wonderful dress of mine.  It took a while but I’ve finally found it, two cotton bedsheet with a beautiful yellow flower print design on it.

So with the fabric found and the pattern made, I set about the task of remaking my beautiful Horrockses Dress.

The Skirt is made of nearly 3 meters of fabric continuously pleated, and the bodice is a boxy design with gusseted arms, it’s slowly coming together in these pictures.  I haven’t had a lot of time of late so it’s been as and when I get a few minutes.  I’ve also found in my stash some lovely vintage yellow buttons to go with it.

So I’ve finally finished it, yes you heard me it’s finished, it’s been worth the wait and time it’s taken to finish.  It’s had it’s first outing at the festival of vintage in York today. I’ll leave you to make up you’re own minds about it, but I love it, shoes, belt, faux fur jacket, sunless, gloves, handbag and brooch all vintage x x x x


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