What I’ve been up to of late

So life sometimes just gets in the way of time o take five minutes to be able to post …. well posts 😉  –  so what have I been up to since December, well Christmas has come and gone and that was both lovely and sad all at the same time.  It was wonderful to see family but not having a member their with us for the first time was also sad and thinking of friends who are no longer here also and their families, but as life demands I made it through determined that 2017 was going to be a much better, brighter and positive one.

So having finished my front room, (look out for that blog post to come)  I’m now moving ….finally may I add to my Kitchen, so we’ve had a new door and window put in, which has made huge difference.  We had a patio double door and where the window now is was a brick wall so the kitchen was very gloomy but now light floods in!


So what’s the kitchen going to be like, well I’m obsessed with 1940’s style kitchens so I’m going on those lines there maybe some influence into the 50’s a splish splash here and there we’ll see, but having spent the last 18 months sourcing original cabinets from up and down the country, I was almost there but I just needed a few more and as chance would have it I found an entire 1940’s/1950’s set of original cabinets…… complete with the original double drainer sink, cha ching happy days.  So off we went up to black pool to collect them.

Now whilst I’m not a fan of the pink that’ll be going asap, but love loving my random find and it cost me ….. wait …..wait …….. £13.00 cha ching!  For more you’ll have to wait for the blog post.


So 2017 has started well, and I’m determined it’s going to stay that way by hook or crook.

Thats all folks have a great weekend love and hugs x x

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