My 1940’s Bedroom


So my bedroom was the next project to get completed.  It all started with one thing as with all my rooms, they’ve all started with just one special find that has driven the final result.  This room a walnut burr vintage dressing table, oh my god when I found it, Love at first sight I knew I had to have it!  And the next roller coaster home expedition began!

It took 18months to get almost finished….yes you heard me almost, I’m still not there yet. I’m still looking for a headboard to match so if you have one going begging I’m the gal who’d love love love you teehee x x and I’d rather love a drawer unit as well, but these seem like gold dust, I think when you love vintage as much as I do patience is something you have to learn to live with, if you rush and try too desperately to find those perfect items frustration can take over and love can turn to disappointment and so on and so on…. you get the picture.

I’m actually more patient than I ever thought I was, there are other rooms that have taken longer you wit until I start the kitchen blog!

But I’ll leave you with some pictures of to me, my beautiful 1940’s inspired bedroom x x x



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