Vintage Treasures – Scarborough

IMG_6472 2

I love nothing more than scouring, vintage stores, reclaimers yards, small boutiques and sorts.  These places offer possibilities of what one might find, rummaging through the shelves and boxes to discover that one item you just have to have.

I always wonder about what these items would say if they could talk, oh the stories they must have!  Who had them before you.  I feel a sort of honour to be their current curator, it’s a special thing to look after something that has lasted so long and it’s a duty in a way to make sure it’s around for someone else one day to also enjoy.

My husband is a great man and although he’s more or a car or motorbike man he happy to browse the vintage scene with me, and I think over the years he quite getting into it himself, this holiday was no exception he picked up a rather lovely vintage suede Jacket whilst we were in Hull, and quite a few new LP’s to add to our ever growing collection.

So what did we find on this trip?????

We found quite a few LP’s from Andy Williams & Dean Martin to Jimmy Hendrix & Sounds of the 60’s, some came from Spin It Records in Hull others were found at Car Boots along with some vintage womens weekly from early 1950’s, and a vintage travel jar set.


At a car boot we found a Decca singles box and this rather wonderful vintage bakelite radio, in full working order, this is now found a home in my bedroom and I managed to find a station that plays tracks from the 40’s – 80’s only and it’s set to that now.  The blue flower blouse came from a wonderful little shop in Hull called Magpie’s Den in Paragon Arcade.


The buttons I found in Pickering, the palm tree drinks stirrers came from a car boot.  I found the hankcheif bowl I thought would look fabulous on my Del Boy Bar at home, and the vintage matches were found in a lovely store in Scarborough, I love crazy things like this!  The brooch and the earrings I think were both found in Whitby, and the retro sunglasses came from Chinese Laundry Vintage in Hull.


This lovely 1960’s Camera was found in a charity shop in Filey on a rather lovely sunday afternoon, it works and we’ve had the first lot of pictures back from it which was fantastic.  Still need a few lessons on how it works completely but so far so good.  The shirt and jeans came from Poor Boy Vintage in Hull, James my Hubby got these for himself, along with the cuff links which came from a little shop in the Hepworth Arcade in Hull.

The jumpsuit(cream) and the Yellow Dress Came from Beasleys in Hull.  I’m quite living both these items and can’t wait to get the out for the day!  The blue dresses, blue cardigan are all Collectif and the blue/red/white spot dress came from Bramble in Whitby a modern retro/modern mix shop.


These beautiful pins came from a wee shop in Pickering JSC Collectables.  I’ve wanted some of these for so long and couldn’t believe it when I found them.  Aren’t they just lovely and the scream Home Fires .. I love them!

Beasleys and Spin It Records Hepworth Arcade in Hull.  So these are just a few of the wonderful treasures we found on our travels.


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