Bank Holiday Shenanigans

Well I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend?  I’ve spent mine attending some marvellous events, which you can enjoy reading about below.

Saturday – The vintage Carnival Nottingham


The vintage carnival is another new event held for the first time at Nottingham race track, reminiscent of the Festival of Vintage at York.  We turned up on a rather wet Saturday afternoon and after deciding it was too wet, we drove away……. 10 minutes down the road on our way home and the sun was beaming so decided we’d turn around and go back.  The cost to get in was £8.00 each which I have to say was a little steep, as unfortunately it wasn’t any where near as interesting as the York event which was only £2.00 more to get in.  We only spent around an hour and a half there.  The indoor halls were packed and was very claustrophobic, and I have to say there were quite a few very rude people among the visitors.  What struck us the most was that everyone was queuing for food?????????

The car selection I have to say was lovely though and there were some very lovely cars.  As for shopping I was disappointed, I think because it was mostly outside it may have put traders off or with it being the first event???  I have a husband who point blank refuses to dance so for me it’s all about the shopping.  The one stall I did enjoy was Tilly’s Vintage, I bought a lovely red suit with it’s original belt, a Hawaiian style skirt with a lovely tropical print on it and the Yellow 70’s dress.


Now here’s my tip, I bought this yellow dress with a view that I was always going to take it up, however on closer inspection it’s a decision that is a must now.  The bottom of the skirt at the back is ripped and torn quite badly in places which is very disappointing, so when ever you go to purchase vintage fashions please do what I normally do,  check everything!  I normally scrutinise my potential purchases I check the hemlines all the stitching, check collars, cuffs and arms sleeves … everything, check for holes that are beyond repair these are all important, because you might spend a fortune on something that is a right old lemon, fortunately this yellow dress is saveable….. I’ll post a thread on that later.

Sunday – Viewing of a 1957 Standard Eight vintage Car

So I’ve been after a vintage car for a while now, I have a soft spot for the Fiat 500 but my hubby being a car man wants me to look at others as well, so off we go to look at this lovely looking vehicle.

standard 8

Omg ….. I’ve been spoilt – brakes, power steering …… wow I actually think I did my shoulder in just trying to turn this car……. needless to say it wasn’t for me.  The car was beautiful, it was just starting to need a little attention a few rust spots had started to appear and whist I very much appreciate a vintage vehicle that hasn’t been tampered with the headlining in this car was rather disgusting it certainly would have needed to be replaced, and possible some work on the drivers seat … of which a spring stuck in my bottom as I sat on it, not very comfortable.   I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it did actually drive though, very smooth through the gears and actually for a car thats nearly 60 years old fairly nippy, so other than some cosmetic work I think it’ll make a great little car for somebody, unfortunately that steering was not for me!

Bank Holiday Monday – A47 Vintage Car Show and Auto Jumble

With our theme this weekend being centred around vintage cars and things we decided to pop down to this show, see if we could see any other vehicle that might take my fancy.  £3.00 each to get in which I didn’t think was bad. The field was packed with vintage vehicles of varying descriptions and condition, from cars to bikes, campers, police cars and I think even green grass was there??!!   And loads of stalls selling bits and bobs to do with cars …. I love to say what they were but honestly I have no idea, my hubby is the car guy.

As you can see I did find a Fiat 500, the young man who owned it was very kind and let me have a sit in it.  It was I have to say pleasantly spacious … for a very small car.  So I have my heart now set on a test drive in this vehicle.  I did however take a fancy to the Morris Minor 1000 which I wouldn’t mind having a wee look at also and a Triumph Toledo.  So I’ve definitely got a few more to look at before any decisions are made.

My outfits for these days will be on my weekly outfit blog post where I will list all the details.

I hope you’ve had a great bank holiday weekend.

Miss Vintage Sarah xoxoxoxoxo


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