Festival of Vintage at York Race Course

This is a festival I’ve not attended before, not through anything other than circumstance.  We pulled up and were guided into our parking space, then it was just a short walk to the main entrance.  I do always feel a sense of childhood excitement s you’re waiting to be allowed in, the anticipation of what you might discover, would this be the event that I finally find the perfect handbag to go with my beautiful vintage Horrockses dress?

There was immediately a warm feeling as we walked through the first doors, there was a lovely lady just sitting inside that first hall doing some interesting straw work, music was playing and people were dancing, the first hall around floor, was collectables with some beautiful juke boxes and record players, along with retro mens wear and a barbers and a bar.  The dance floor always seemed to be packed, and at one point I did stand with my hubby and follow along with a Charleston dance step, I’ll be taking that one to Twinwood with me!  Up on the first floor was retro ladies wear along with the beauty parlour and the talkies area, where all kinds of fascinating speakers were talking about fashion history, doing clothes shows and hair demos, it was all quite lovely.  We sat towards the end of the day and watched the hair demo, then the fashion show from House of Foxy (which was very insightful, it’ll be a brand I definitely look at in the future, and all because of that talk, so good job ladies).  Then I took part in the best dressed, I did not win however, shame but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, in all fairness there were so many lovely outfits …. and I’ve never done anything like this before so it was all experience for future ventures.

Outside they had a wonderful exhibition of vintage cars, from Eldorado, to Standard 10, to a vintage Bus, 2 wonderful VW camper vans, a wonderful Triumph motorcycle to name but a mere few.

In hall two, well that’s were heaven begins, the true vintage items, from fashion to furnishings and everything in between.  I do love looking for random things ….. however I had gone with  purpose in mind, I’m looking for the perfect vinyl record storage, possibly with space for a vintage 1970’s turntable and amp.  A forest Green handbag and hat, although I’m now thinking, actually a straw bag would be rather perfect for the outfit so a little undecided now, and a forest green fitted jacket that flares at the waist … think Christian Dior new look style, and thats what I’m going for with this dress, it’ll look so perfect.  Instead what I got was a Stratton compact and lipstick case in original box set, I’m particularly happy with the lipstick case as it’s near perfect condition and can accommodate 13,12 and 11mm diameter lipsticks how fabulous!  A rather lovely brown Bakelite bangle, which has been double checked for authentication ….. and it passed!  A gorgeous red handbag, a Collectif Jacket and another pair of Carmen Rocket Originals in Brown, I now have the forest green, black and brown.  I also discovered they have released two new colours grey and red…..which of course I’m going to end up acquiring.

It was a lovely event with lots going on, wonderful music, talks and shows, lovely stalls and gorgeous items to purchase, all in all a day well spent!

Hope you’re day was as well spent as mine.

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