About Me

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!  I’ve chanted that a millions times ….. it made no difference, words do hurt!

To the outside world I may appear full of confidence, but I’m not and although my confidence is growing it’s been a hard fought battle, and in some ways I’m still seeking affirmation about just being me.  I was bullied tremendously as a child, through both middle and high school, it followed me onto college, which I eventually abandoned as being too much for me to deal with, and even into the workplace, so for decades all I wanted to do was blend in, not draw attention to myself, be one of the crowd!

Then something happened!  Having had enough I tackled the latest bully (my boss at work) head on, and in my eyes at least I came out the victor ….. why because I hadn’t let him beat me down, I took hold of the reins and rode off into the sunset to a better me, I quit that job!  My husband and I started our own company and it was the best (if not a little stressful at times) decision I’ve ever made.

It’s hard for people who have never been bullied to comprehend how much damage those bullies can do.  It’s like being stuck on pause, not knowing what to do for the best and not being able to move on with your life, it’s traumatic!  And even when you have taken that first step to new you, you still doubt everything, it’s been a slow battle, one that I think finally I’m winning.

I had always loved vintage and old things. I think in some part that passion comes from my mum and grandad.

Grandad is a watch maker and jeweller, although retired now, he was always surround by clocks and watches and lots of old one too, his shop smelled of oily stuff, that just epitomised him.  I’ve only ever smelt that distinct smell in one other place, a lovely watch shop in Norwich where my wonderful husband bought me the most divine vintage pendant watch.  It was like being transported back in time…..heaven.

My Mum has a loved of antiques, and has quite an extensive collection of Royal Blue Dolton, none of which is allowed to used, heaven forbid.  She’s trawled the antique shops to build this impressive collection, a collection that was built up through my childhood.  Both my mum and myself have quite an extensive collection of old Irons, you know that black cast ones of the victorian and edwardian era’s.  I’ve also now added 1940’s and 1950’s irons to that collection…..it is somewhat ironic that I collected domestic wear as I despise ironing, but I do love the history thats associated with them.

There is just something so lovely about wondering round antique and vintage stores dreaming about what these pieces could tell you if the could talk….oh the stories they must have!

I’ve collected vintage items for decades, all hidden away in my home, admired almost at a far.  I can not pin point the moment I started to allow the vintage me to come out, but once it did, there was no going back!  This is me!  It’s who I was always supposed to be and it fits me like the perfect pair of vintage gloves (which I have many).  I love this vintage life I’ve created, I have a vintage inspired home, live a somewhat vintage life (well I do love my technology … so I won’t be giving that up anytime soon) and generally just love the whole vintage scene, I do feel it’s a wonderful community to be part of and there are more and more events happening every year to help us indulge this way of life.

I hope you enjoy my blog, will enjoy following me through my journey and enjoy the adventures that I get up to, and if it helps to inspire you, helps in any way shape or form then it’s been worth the hours spent trying to get my head round wordpress! 😉 😉

Love Miss Vintage Sarah xoxo

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